Trucker actions bring Weyerhaeuser to the table

Monday, December 8, 2008, 25 people with the Solidarity Network, Industrial Workers of the World, and allied organizations picketed Weyerhaeuser corporate headquarters, at the same time as truckers in North Carolina held their first major work stoppage to demand that the company meet with them about their grievances. For the past several months these truckers have been organizing with the IWW. Currently their pay often adds up to around $6 per hour, many are dangerously overworked, and they’re stuck with nearly all expenses related to their vehicles, fuel, and insurance. Following Monday’s actions, Weyerhaeuser management has announced that they will sit down and meet with the truckers within the next 14 days. This is still only a small victory – truckers expect it will take a long, hard fight before all their demands are met.

Update: The word from North Carolina is that management has broken its pledge to meet with the drivers, and the struggle continues.