Furniture workers get thousands in unpaid wages

After months of being denied their full wages, the production workers at an expensive Seattle furniture business joined up with the Solidarity Network and began preparing for action.

Shortly before the fight was set to begin, they spoke with the owner, informed her that they were now involved with the Seattle Solidarity Network, and asked her once again for their pay.

The boss’s immediate reply: “No.”

Then, about 24 hours later, the three received an unexpected delivery: the pay they were owed, all of it, in cash.

Apparently the boss used those 24 hours wisely by browsing our website, looking at our past actions, and thinking about what such a conflict might do to her business.

This victory is the work of not just the three who took a stand, but of everyone who has taken part in these struggles over the past year. Thanks for being there! Of course, we are just getting started.