Panama Hotel pickets continue

SeaSol has been supporting the campaign by the recently formed Olympia Solidarity Network (OlySol) against Jan Johnson, owner of rental properties in Olympia and the Panama Hotel in Seattle. While living under Jan Johnson’s iron heel OlySol members Scott and Patty have had to endure an antiquated septic system that Ms. Johnson habitually allowed to be overfilled, thus venting human waste throughout their yard. This in turn led to mold and rats, and a strong likelihood of the building being condemned.

Now Scott and Patty are fighting back for relocation assistance (three months rent and their full deposit) and reimbursement for out of pocket costs they suffered in trying to deal with the septic problem themselves. As Jan Johnson’s primary business is the Panama Hotel and Tea House in Seattle, we have been organizing ongoing pickets as a part of the OlySol campaign that we’re hoping will put more pressure on Jan to make a movement and clean up her filthy business with Patty and Scott once and for all.