Unpaid wages battle underway in Pioneer Square

Saturday, September 12, 27 people entered TIG Asian Tapas Bar in Pioneer Square to demand full payment of all wages owed to Young for his work washing dishes in the restaurant’s kitchen. Young himself led the way, followed by a CNN cameraman. Despite a court order in April, the business has still failed to hand over the roughly $500 that they owe him. Recently he joined the Seattle Solidarity Network and asked for support.

As the group crowded in behind Young, a bartender informed us that his boss, the owner, was out at another nearby restaurant. We stood silently and waited, filling the front area of TIG, while the barman phoned the owner and summoned him to come receive the demand in person from Young. When the owner arrived, we made way for him to enter, and Young delivered the demand both verbally and in writing, allowing 14 days for payment.