SeaSol supports fired outspoken Whole Foods worker

On the evening of Wednesday, December 21st, Seattle Solidarity Network held a loud and lively picket in solidarity with Natalia, a member of the East Bay Solidarity Network and a former worker at the Whole Foods in San Francisco. After 13 years without incident, Whole Foods fired Natalia for tapping a co-worker’s hat.This co-worker did not report the incident and was taken aback when he heard that Natalia had been fired. He and Natalia worked closely together in the prepared foods department for over 5 years without any issues whatsoever.

Natalia had reached the wage cap of $19 per hour and was universally liked and respected by her co-workers. She often spoke out against injustices she witnessed in the workplace and acted as a translator for Spanish language speakers in the store. SeaSol is proud to stand with Natalia, the East Bay Solidarity Network, and many others across the country who are demanding Natalia’s reinstatement, with full back pay.

Please support this campaign by contacting Whole Foods Regional President David Lannon, demanding they reinstate Natalia with full back pay: or calling 510-428-7400.