SeaSol Forces Boss to Give Backpay

Allstate picket

SeaSol ended 2018 with a win as we forced an insurance broker to give one of their employees backpay after paying them less than minimum wage for two months. The worker received the check for almost $500 just before the holidays, which was double the money they had been underpaid, as outlined in Seattle’s minimum wage ordinance.

For the Cisco Contact Center Enterprise Outbound option, which Cisco Unified Communications Manager
feature can be used to disable ringback during transfer to agent for a scenario that involves SIP trunks?
A. replaces header script
B. normalization script
C. association script
D. transformation script
Correct Answer: B
Which type of MTP is supported with Cisco Unified Mobile Agent?
A. MTP Pass-Through
B. MTP No Pass-Through
C. MTP Pass-Around
D. MTP No Pass-Around
Correct Answer: B
Refer to the exhibit.In Cisco Finesse 10.0(x), when agents login into the desktop as a Mobile Agent, which number is used in
the highlighted Extension field?
A. the local CTI port dialed number
B. the remote CTI port dialed number
C. agent PSTN number (accessible from CUCM/GW)
D. agent ID
E. agent reservation script dialed number
Correct Answer: A

Which two statements about combining IP telephony and Cisco Unified Contact Center Enterprise
Extensions on the same IP phone are true? (Choose two.)
A. Cisco Unified CCE supports only one agent ACD line on the IP phone.
B. The ACD line on the IP phone may have voicemail or call forwarding defined.
C. In a typical call center, the ACD line is the first line on the phone to make it easier for the agent to
forward inbound ACD calls.
D. The agent state changes based on the activity of the ACD line.
E. If the agent picks up the phone to place a call, the agent is put into ready mode.
Correct Answer: AD
In the Cisco Unified Contact Center Enterprise solution with clustering over the WAN, which statement
about the Cisco Unified Communications Manager peripheral gateway duplex pair is true?
A. Each side of the peripheral gateway pair (side A and side B) must be configured to point to a local and
a remote CTI Manager across the WAN from the PG location.
B. The peripheral gateway private network may be shared with any other private connections– peripheralgateways or call routers/loggers.
C. The peripheral gateway may use the highly available WAN connection between the sites (visible
network) for all traffic–visible and private.
D. The peripheral gateways must be co-located at one side or the other of the Cisco Unified
Communications Manager cluster.
Correct Answer: B

The worker first came to us in September after they were fired in retaliation for bringing up their wages. We started our fight with a demand delivery in October attended by roughly 25 SeaSol members and supporters. When the deadline to pay up passed, we began postering the neighborhood and flyering passers-by. This escalated into a picket in November after which the boss claimed they wanted to pay up. But after dragging their feet and trying to tie unfair conditions to the check, we held a second picket in December. The worker got their check the next day.