Talks break down as Lorig demands permanent gag on future abuses

Three months of offers and counter-offers between developer Lorig Associates and SeaSol seem to be ending in failure. The sticking point: Lorig’s insistence on a permanent license to engage in predatory and/or racist behavior against workers, tenants, and communities in the future, without ever facing any form of criticism from SeaSol.

Gaining this extreme form of protection is apparently very important to Lorig–so much so that Chief Operating Officer Tom Fitzsimmons (who you may remember from our last face-to-face Lorig negotiation) has been personally calling ex-receptionist Patricia at her home and dangling the prospect of thousands of dollars in compensation in front of her (“We have the papers drawn up and the check ready for you!”), if only SeaSol will sign their permanent, blanket gag agreement.

Our answer: never. Unlike Tom Fitzsimmons, we have integrity and basic principles to uphold. SeaSol has never granted any employer or landlord a blanket protection to carry out unjust practices in the future without fear of repercussion. If Lorig is unwilling to come to a reasonable agreement, we must be prepared to carry on and step up our efforts at pushing individuals and institutions to cease doing business with this company. If necessary, we may have to proceed all the way to the trial in 2011, where we will beat back their ridiculous lawsuit in a manner that is as public and as costly to them as possible. If Lorig chooses this course, they will still end up with no immunity whatsoever from future criticism and protest.